About Senture

Our objective is to provide the best possible domestic contact center support to our clients.

As our client’s representative, Senture looks for partnering opportunities where we can make a difference and serve our clients in such a way that we build a sense of trust and cooperation. In other words, we understand our responsibility is to help make our clients successful.

To do this, we:

  • try to establish a relationship built on mutual respect and total commitment to make both parties successful;
  • obtain a complete understanding of our client’s business and how it operates, and commit to making their role easier than before the partnership began;
  • think outside the box and demonstrate our commitment by bringing added value to the relationship in the form of additional business;
  • demonstrate ongoing commitment through actions, not empty promises; and
  • seek new ways to improve service metrics, invest in new technologies/software or make other investments that improve performance.

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Why Senture?

In a seemingly crowded marketplace full of large companies, why should you choose to do business with Senture? Without wasting your time with marketing fluff, we share below four key reasons Senture is your best partner.
Successful businesses are known by the clients they keep.

Clearly, a critical evaluation component with any contact center vendor is to listen carefully to what the client says. Senture can boast strong business partner relationships with some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious Fortune 500 companies. After all, we are known by the company we keep.
Successful businesses are known for their experience.

Senture has supported high-profile contracts for some of the largest companies in America. Industries impacted by Senture’s support and services include financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail and a host of other commercial and government projects during the company’s history. We are extremely proud of the services we provide, and those who have elected to use us.

Successful businesses are known for their versatility.

Contact center communications delivery today must encompass all channels to ensure availability to customers when they want it, and a mastery of the service with efficiency is crucial to retention. Senture’s versatile culture was breathed into the organization at inception, and the entrepreneurial spirit from which the company was founded can be found daily in each task we do.

Successful businesses are known for the quality of their people.

Senture seeks out those qualified agents who care and understand their role in making a difference day in and day out. From top to bottom, our people really do make the difference!

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