A Message from the President

It’s all about the people.  You will see this repetitive theme throughout our website, but what does it mean? Simply put, it provides insight for our business partners and prospective clients to the mindset with which we operate. You see, we believe that most companies today miss one of the most important aspects of delivering for their clients—the people actually doing the work. In the process of driving to a successful project, the people providing the actual service are often treated as a commodity that can be shuffled in and out with little, if any, impact upon the results the entity is working to achieve. We use the same equation for success but with a very different emphasis on the variables that achieve that success. And, the emphasis is placed on the people.

We see this view of success as a differentiator that truly sets Senture apart from what today is a crowded market of competitors. And, we live it because we think it’s the right thing to do. Technology, process and people…with the emphasis on the people—that’s how we define and achieve success!

Thank you for considering Senture! We hope you find our website insightful and helpful, as we have tried hard to make it reflect our family values and our passion. Our partners and clients appreciate these values and passion because they work. And, if we are fortunate enough to earn your business, they will work for you, too.

Christopher Deaton

Senture’s President & CEO, Mr. Chris Deaton, will serve as Executive Sponsor for all client program and relationship as a demonstration of our commitment. Chris Deaton is completely committed to taking the client to the next level.