Senture Adding Jobs in London

Workers Wanted: Senture hiring 1,000 for new jobs

A down economy hasn’t stopped progress at Senture, which is now hiring for both temporary and long-term jobs.  According to Vicki Blair, human resource specialist with the London office, jobs available will include temporary jobs staring at $9.50 per hour to a five-year contract that pays even higher. 

“We have over 400 jobs that are short-term projects on the ObamaCare that passed on Thursday,” Blair explained.  “Those jobs start at $9.50 an hour with no benefits.”  Those jobs will begin in early July, she added.  A long-term project that is expected to span over five years requires the hiring of more than 100 persons to fill those positions.  Blair said this job requires a federal background check, drug testing, and initial screenings.  These jobs are expected to start in October and will offer benefits.  “We will be needing over 500 people to work during the annual enrollment period for an insurance company, whose name we can’t disclose right now.” Blair said.  “On all these jobs, the pay ranges between $9.50 an hour to $14.50 and hour.”

Senture LLC of London announced the recruiting and hiring program on Thursday and hiring has begun immediately.  While most of the jobs will be based in Senture’s London office in the Vaughn Ridge Industrial Park off west Ky. 80, an estimated 175 jobs will be distributed to Senture’s locations in Monticello, Ky., and Ocala, Fl.

“Senture is excited to offer these jobs to the community,” commented Chris Deaton, president and CEO of Senture.  “There is a mixture of short term and long term jobs, and we continue to work daily on winning more long-term work.  We are blessed to be in a position to help people looking for work.  A thousand jobs is a lot of jobs.”

In addition to the agent positions, Senture will also be hiring supervisory and management support positions in each office location.

“It is a very exciting time for Senture employees,” Blair added.  “Not only have we been successful in winning short-term projects but we are now able to offer many long-term jobs as well.  We have many people who have worked short-term projects for us that have been waiting on long-term employment opportunities and we are excited to now be able to offer that to them.”

Senture is a full-service solutions provider with operations headquartered in London.  Service offerings include 24/7/365 inbound and outbound contact center support and help desk to clients in the federal, state and commercial sectors.

For more information, visit their website at or call the recruitment hotline at (606) 878-4283