FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

NTIA Coupon Program
Federal Communications Commission


Senture was contracted to perform inbound order taking on behalf of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Coupon Program for the digital television converter boxes. The target market included nationwide consumers of over-the-air television transmissions (those not having a paid service, but using antenna).


  • Recruited, screened, hired and trained up to 400 CSRs
  • Provided English support from London, KY facility and bilingual support from Ocala, FL facility
  • Provided oversight and management support, as well as facilities and infrastructure, for this effort

Reasons Senture Was Selected

  • People – Ability to hire skilled CSRs in a reasonably priced labor market
  • Facilities – State-of-the-art facilities that contained the infrastructure necessary to provide the resources and flexibility required by IBM
  • Proven past performance


Senture operated with live agents available from 8 am until 12 am, 7 days/week (including holidays) over the course of 3 months