Contracting with Senture

Senture tries to seek opportunities where we can serve as a true "business partner" to the client. We believe "partnering" with clients is vitally important in the contact center world since we are acting as our client’s emissary. An emissary is defined as "representative" or "ambassador;" in essence, we represent our clients in their absence. We take this responsibility seriously. As our client’s representative, Senture looks for partnering opportunities where we can make a difference and serve our clients in such a way that we build a sense of trust and cooperation - in other words, we understand our responsibility is to help make our clients successful. To do this, we:

  • try to establish a relationship built on mutual respect and total commitment to make both parties successful
  • obtain a complete understanding of our client’s business, how it operates, and a commitment to make their role easier than before the partnership began
  • "think outside the box" and demonstrate our commitment by bringing added value to the relationship in the form of additional business
  • demonstrate ongoing "commitment" through actions - not empty promises
  • seek new ways to improve service metrics, invest in new technologies, software, or make other investments that improve performance

Senture brings benefits by:

  • offering lower SCA rates
  • empowerment zone
  • small business qualifications
  • using commercial best practices to lower costs