Data Management

Administrative processes, including document management, can drain key resources and skew an entity’s ability to focus on its core business.  Working with a proven outsourcer can enable an entity to refocus attention on issues that are core to its business.  Other benefits to outsourcing document and data management services include improved turnaround, enhanced security and/or compliance, and lower overall cost. 

Senture’s staff has worked closely with government agencies and commercial businesses to design systems and processes which provide customized, efficient solutions for a variety of business needs—thus keeping their focus on the core mission.    As a result of its vast industry experience Senture can streamline these critical paper-intensive functions thereby delivering secure, timely, and reliable solutions.  From mail receipt to data entry and imaging to image storage Senture can provide an end-to-end solution for your needs.  Senture’s expertise includes the following:

Mailroom Processing

  • Mail receipt including PO Box management, secure pick-up and delivery, and receipt from third party carriers
  • Mail opening, extraction, and sorting
  • Document preparation
  • Tracking of documents for end-to-end reconciliation
  • Short term and long term storage of documents

Document Imaging

  • Efficient scanning technology which provides not only high speed imaging of documents but also provides the highest image quality—regardless of the type of documents.
  • Proven quality process to guarantee image quality. 

Data Capture/Extraction

  • Highly qualified, experienced data capture operators provide complete indexing regardless of document complexity
  • Automated processes and programmatic routines provide field-level edits and data validation for specific document types
  • Exceptional quality and accuracy via various processes including double-blind keying and programmatic output programs 

Image Archival/Retrieval

  • Provide indexed data and images via numerous media for upload/use in existing workflow or archival solution
  • Creation or provision for web-based access to documents/data
  • Archive images for online availability via secure, hosted site
  • Serve as disaster recovery/redundant site for archived data