Help Desk/Technical Support

Senture has extensive experience providing outsourced help desk/ technical support contact center solutions.  Our customized training and advanced technology ensures that our highly-trained agents will optimize first call resolutions and deliver an unparalleled customer service experience.  We are trusted by many leading Fortune 100 companies, and have the experience, quality and operational efficiencies needed to help you lower your help desk/technical support costs and improve your first call resolution rates.  We handle it all – from technical support to customer service – with the quality and dedication you expect from an industry leader.

Some of the key benefits you will experience by outsourcing your technical support and help desk calls, emails and chats include the following:

  • Lower Cost for Support
  • Improved First Call Resolution Rates
  • Reduced Talk Time
  • Highly Trained Agent that Understand Product Functions Inside and Out
  • Ability to Leverage Problem Solving Techniques
  • Improved and Maintained Brand Image and Loyalty