Customer Acquisition

Senture has extensive experience providing outsourced customer acquisition contact center solutions for many leading Fortune 100 companies.  Our customized training and advanced technology ensures that our highly-trained agents will optimize every customer interaction by increasing sales and upsells while also providing an unparalleled customer experience.  We are trusted by many leading companies, and have the experience, quality and operational efficiencies needed to help you increase your average order size and increase your sales conversion and upsell rates.

In addition, Senture has extensive customer retention experience from customers who are calling to cancel a monthly subscription for a product or service.  Through advanced retention training sessions, our call center agents have the ability to quickly and compassionately identify the reason that the caller is canceling and then use the opportunity to re-sell the caller on the benefits and value of the product or service to save the customer.  The techniques that our call center agents use are conversational in nature that allows them to focus not just on retaining the customer today, but also educating the caller and developing a trusting relationship with them to ensure long-term customer loyalty and a positive experience with your brand and product or service.  We achieve exceptional customer retention rates by employing highly-trained agents, customized scripted objection handlers and rebuttals, cross-selling, down-selling and frequent quality assurance monitoring and quality management.

Some of the key benefits you will experience by outsourcing your customer acquisition and retention calls include the following:

  • Higher Close Ratios
  • Lower Cost of Sale
  • Greater Top-Line Revenue
  • Higher Customer Retention Rates
  • Improve Process Efficiencies with Orders
  • Increase Average Order Size
  • Improve Scalability During Seasonal Spikes