Outbound Contact Center Services

Senture can assist with all your outbound call center service needs. As an award-winning call center, we have extensive experience with a variety of outbound call types in the areas of business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing. Our 100% U.S. based call center agents rapidly return follow up outbound calls using a variety of technical solutions for the best in customer care.

Acquire new customers and retain the existing with the benefits of our outbound teleservices. Our outbound call center services ensure a smooth workflow by getting in touch with customers in a timely manner. Our call center agents know product or service functions inside out to provide resolutions to the initial client call and develop the trust factor necessary to convert leads into sales.

Outbound call centers are perfect for simple day-to-day tasks such as appointment confirmations and answering basic customer inquiries. By using our outbound call center, you are demonstrating customer loyalty and a positive brand image. Customers take ease in the fact that your company is reaching out to resolve their issues. From technical support and customer service to crisis management and product recall, outbound call center services assure that problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Work with our professionals to develop careful and flexible call center scripts that guarantee consistency and reduced talk time. Outbound call scripts gather the pertinent information that clients initially called to receive and direct the calls to the correct department. Calls are continuously monitored and evaluated for quality so that updates can be made. Our goals include decreasing dropped calls and wait time and providing the best customer service available.

In addition to outbound follow up phone calls, we offer live chat and email response services so your customers are catered to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Agents are available at all hours to answer questions and follow up with issues the customer may not have had resolved at the initial time of call. As with our inbound teleservices, outbound teleservices are necessary to assist clients in a technology based world where service is everything.

Our outbound experience, combined with our advanced technical solutions and our commitment to quality, has helped us achieve exceptional results for our clients. We have four call center facilities and over 1,000 workstations, giving us the capacity to handle over 100 million calls each year. Count on our outbound call center services to exceed customer expectations, build brand loyalty, and eliminate competition.

  • Our Outbound services include:
    -Outbound Business to Business
    -Outbound Business to Consumer
    -Outbound Non-profit
    -Outbound Political Calling
    -Outbound Lead Generation
    -Outbound Sales
    -Outbound Appointment Setting